We removed as much as we could ahead of time, including cabinet doors and the appliances.

Day 1: Demo

Prep the space and cabinets gone

Day 2: Demo

Tile, most of wall comes down

Saturday Inspection

The first time the girls were home since demo started.

Day 5 : Electrical

Kitchen outlets moved, circuits added

Day 7 : Electrical

New bathroom door 2 inches shorter so the new panel could fit.

Day 8: Electrical

Install living room and hallway lights

Day 9: Electrical

More lighting... very busy day... cut wall to height

Weekend Inspection

Spent time at home before and after a beach day, saw progress from Friday

Day 10: Drywall

Start of patching, starting in kitchen

Day 12: Drywall

Day 13: Drywall

Weekend Inspection

First time we saw most/all of the drywall patches in place

Day 15: Drywall

Plaster in the living room, water leak fixed

Weekend Visit after Day 18

Living room was prioritized, lots of drywall > plaster > texturing

Day 19: Texturing

Final layer of texture applied in the living room, corner bead added in kitchen

Day 21: Painting, Patching

Touch up work following ceiling painting the day before. 3 coats of 'ceiling white'.

Day 23: Patching, Prep

Kitchen prepped for texturing next week

Day ???

After being in Colorado for a week and a half, we missed days ? through ?, and came back to this on day ?.

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